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West Coast Farr 40's

2010 Schedule

  • *2/20+21 Midwinters @ LBYC

  • 3/26 Newport to Cabo, BYC

  • *4/17+18 Ahmanson Cup, NHYC

  • 4/24 Border Run

  • 4/30 Leukemia Cup, SDYC

  • *5/1+2 Yachting Cup, SDYC

  • *6/5+6 Cal Race Week, CYC

  • *6/25-27 Long Beach Race Week, LBYC

  • *7/24+25 Fiesta Cup, SBYC

  • 7/30 Santa Barbara to King Harbor

  • 9/16-19 Rolex Big Boat Series

    (West Coast Championship Regatta)

  • 10/23+24 Campbell Cup, LBYC

  • 11/7, 11/21, 12/5 Hot Rum Series, SDYC

* = West Coast Championship Circuit

◊ = West Coast Fleet Distance Race Rules Apply

‡ = Fleet Sponsored Event - Local Rules Apply



Ed.Note: Our homepage was getting very long and taking awhile to load, so I have moved 2010 Regatta Reports and News to a separate page and there is a new page on why you should buy a Farr 40 and join our fleet! (Also see links in blue box at left.)


New Heartbeat??
The latest in a long line of boats for Chuck Brewer...will she be named Heartbeat...and will she be the famous yellow??? 

This is a picture of the boat as it arrived in the yard last week.  (The yellow treatment and the name courtesy of a little Photoshop!)


Written by: Rick Roberts  10/24/10


Long Beach, Calif.— David Voss’s Piranha dominated his competitive 10-boat Farr 40 class in a weekend challenged by changing wind conditions between Southern California storm systems. The regatta, named for legendary sailor Mike Campbell, was hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club with take-home trophies supplied by North Sails


Saturday dawned with a steady drizzle over the area stopping shortly before the warning for the first race. The light breeze of 6-8 knots filled later in the day to 9-10 knots with the clouds parting briefly to let the sun shine down. Sunday showed about the same wind conditions but was sunny most of the day before the horizon darkened near the end of the day’s racing. The rain held off until after the trophy presentations.  


Voss, president of the US West Coast Farr 40 class, finished the regatta four points ahead of second place but pointed out the class is closely matched.  “You never know where you are going to finish in this Farr 40 fleet,” Voss said. “The fleet is very tight and my crew did a great job. The crew is always the key to winning and they did it for us this weekend.”


Voss announced that the Farr 40 class intends to sail the Campbell Cup next year as part of their championship series.  “We had a class meeting last night,” Voss said, “and decided we are expanding our series. Next year’s Campbell Cup will be the eighth race in our West Coast Season Championship Series.”  


Ray Godwin’s Temptress, a local favorite, finished second in the Farr 40 class and has been making great improvements in their performance over the last year and enjoys sailing in this fall regatta.  “This is probably the best finish we’ve had this year,” Godwin said, “ and this is a fun regatta. We dodged the kelp and kept fighting for position. The first race today we lost control of our spinnaker and brushed against Far Niente. We decided do our [penalty] turn with the spinnaker up, but that didn’t turn out too well. It cost us time at the finish.”


Oscar Krinski on ChayahGodwin placed second in the last race but almost had a problem making the start.  “The battery on our radio went dead and we didn’t know the race committee had changed the starting sequence [starting the Farr 40 class ahead of the West Coast 70 class]. We looked up and saw everyone charging for the line at about a minute before the start and got up to the line just in time.”


The regatta namesake, Mike Campbell, was a huge supporter of big boat racing. He owned and raced a series of sleds including his most recent, the Tim Kernan-designed 70-foot Peligroso. In October 2006 he sponsored a 70s regatta at LBYC, bringing together seven West Coast boats: Holua, Grand Illusion, Vicki, Skylark, Alchemy, Westerly and---of course---Peligroso.  The regatta was not run in 2007 or 2008 because of the conflict with the Long Beach to Cabo San Lucas International Yacht Race. Mike passed away in mid-October of 2008 and the regatta resumed in 2009 as an appropriate tribute of the fall regatta that Campbell started in 2006.


PRESS OFFICER  Rick Roberts 562.493.5173  Mobile: 310.367.9079

Position  Boat Name  Sail  Skipper  Club  Race 1  Race 2  Race 3  Race 4  Race 5  Total
1 Piranha  51483 David Voss  CYC  3 1 4 1 3 12
2 Temptress  40050 Ray Godwin  LBYC  2 4 2 6 2 16
3 Chayah  69 Oscar Krinsy/Chris Redman  ABYC  6 2 1 4 4 17
4 Dark Star  80808 Jeff Janov  CYC  1 3 DSQ-11  8 1 24
5 Skian Dhu  51044 Dirk Freeland  SBYC  5 8 3 2 6 24
6 Far Niente  37  Frederic Scheer  CYC  4 7 DNS-11  3 5 30
7 JoAnn  46957 Steve Murphy  SlBYC  10 9 6 5 7 37
8 Radical Departure  50060 Dennis Rosene/Joe Carter  BYC  9 6 5 9 8 37
9 White Knight  888 Zoltan Katinszky  CBYC  8 5 8 7 9 37
10 Ohana  40031 Tosh Neminsky  DPYC  7 10 7 10 10 44


We kept on racing Farr 40's in a one-design class at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club!  All but one night saw more than 17 knots of wind too!We kept on racing Farr 40's in a one-design class at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club!  All but one night saw more than 17 knots of wind too!

This sunset (shot by Martin Kozaczek) was taken on the last race Sept 29 with five 40's racing out to Point Fermin and back.  It was then capped off by a fleet party at the home of Zoltan Katinsky on the bluff of Point Fermin looking over the course we had been racing upon watching the waves roll in with pizza and margaritas.  (Thanks ZK!)

Thank you also to Dixon Hall and the CBYC RC volunteers for giving us an extra four race starts.

Hate to see summer come to an end.
Rank Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName R1 R3 R4 R5 Total
1st PIRAHNA Farr 40 51483 CalYC David Voss 1 1 1 1 4
2nd WHITE KNIGHT Farr 40 888 CBYC Zoltan Katinzsky 2 2 2 2 8
3rd 'OHANA Farr 40 40031 DPYC Tosh Neminsky 3  3 3 5 11
4th JOANN Farr 40 46957 SLBYC Steve Murphy 4 3  4 3 14
5th TEMPTRESS Farr 40 40050 LBYC Ray Godwin 4 3 4 4 15


A great day of racing (9/26) was capped off by a warm afternoon on the lawn of Alamitos Bay YC.  For something like seven years in a row, the Godwin family clan has won the overall trophy for best performance in any class with a boat full of family members.  How cool is that!

Thanks to LBYC and Rick Roberts.  Good to support the Long Beach Children's Hospital.






Race 1

Race 2

Race 3












Jo Ann









White Knight

Zoltan Katinsky/Kim Stuart















Audi Sailing Sport

Who'd have thought that the best wind of the entire year would be found in Dana Point!  Consistent breeze in the mid teens made for great close racing with many position changes throughout the regatta.  A great committee got in seven races in two days

Story by Keith Magnussen from onboard Temptress:  Video/Slideshow

Dana Point Yacht Club played host to the Audi Cup for the second year running.  Audi, in conjunction with the Richard Henry Dana Charity Regatta and the Tall Ship Festival, sponsored the regatta in order to bring a world class sailing event to Southern California.   This year the Farr 40 class and the J-24 class were invited to participate and compete for not only bragging rights but also a new F40/J24  Spinnaker made by Ullman Sails Newport Beach, and donated by Audi Mission Viejo.

Twelve J-24’s and six Farr 40’s arrived in Dana Point Harbor and were treated to some of the best sailing of the summer.  The normal conditions for Dana Point (light and choppy) never arrived and we were instead greeted with a nice 15kt breeze.  The Farr 40 fleet was out early and practicing long before the other fleets started to materialize.  I was fortunate enough to race on Ray Godwin’s “Temptress” and we took the practice time to get familiar with each other as most of us had never sailed together before. 

Race one started in near perfect conditions and after a good start we played the right side of the course, got the right shift and were first around the weather mark.  The racing was extremely close and Oscar Krinski’s “Chayah” was within 2 boat-length’s of us.   We had a good downwind leg, error free crew-work and from there out covered well and won race 1.  Chayah was a close second and David Voss on “Piranha” was third. 


The wind was shifting further right as the day went on and we were seeing puffs in the upper teens.  Race two was a little more eventful for us and we were quickly reminded of how tough the fleet is and that one or two mistakes is all that is needed to send you to the back of the fleet.  After a mediocre start we came to a crossing situation with Piranha.   It was close but we fouled Piranha (port/starboard) and were forced to take our penalty turn.  This put us in the back of the fleet and unfortunately never really recovered.  Chayah won the race and it was apparent that they were finding their groove and were going to be hard to beat.  Piranha was second and displaying their consistency that would be a deciding factor for the weekend.  


We managed two more races for Saturday and the consensus was that this was one of the best regattas of the season and that Dana Point might just be the new Hurricane Gulch.  Chayah raced well grabbing another first but Piranha’s bullet on the fourth race was a sign of what was to come. 


Team PiranhaSunday started out as the typical 5-8kt day in Dana Point but was quickly transformed into another windy affair.  With three races scheduled for the day it was still anyone’s regatta.  Piranha and Chayah were tied on points and Temptress was 4 points back.  Race five saw Piranha and Chayah jump out to early leads and then turned the race into two-boat affair.   Piranha edged out Chayah to take a slim one point lead into the sixth race.  Race six was eventful and Chayah had to settle for a sixth after some problems on the boat.  Piranha won the sixth and seventh race and with four bullets they took top honors at the 2010 Audi Cup.  Ray Godwin’s Temptress was second and Oscar Krinski’s Chayah still got third after withdrawing before the last race. 


The atmosphere surrounding the event was spectacular and the racing venue was near perfect.  Dana Point Yacht Club hosted a fantastic event and with a corporate giant like Audi’s backing this should be a must on everyone’s regatta schedule next year.

Place FARR 40    Class Race 1 Race 2 Race3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 FINAL
1 Piranha David Voss Farr 40 3 2 3 1 1 1 1 12
2 Temptress Ray Godwin Farr 40 1 6 4 2 3 3 2 21
3 Chayah Oscar Krinski/Chris Redman Farr 40 2 1 1 5 2 6 7 24
4 White Knight Zoltan Katinski Farr 40 4 4 6 3 4 2 3 26
5 Radical Departure Dennis Rosene/Joe Carter Farr 40 5 3 2 6 6 5 5 32
6 Ohana Tosh Neminsky Farr 40 6 5 5 4 5 4 4 33


The Farr 40's are proud to support the Richard Henry Dana Charity Regatta on Sept. 11+12 - this time competing for the Audi Cup sponsored by Audi Sailing Sport and local dealer Audi of Mission Viejo.  In addition to inscribing their name on the cup, the 2010 winner will also be awarded a masthead spinnaker with the Audi logo.  Piranha will seek to defend her 2009 regatta win racing one-design against most of the SoCal Fleet including host club Dana Point YC favorite Ohana along with Temptress, White Knight, Radical Departure 3, Woolly Bully and Chayah.

The regatta is also a fund raiser to benefit the Ocean Institute which has become nationally known for its hands-on marine science, environmental education and maritime history programs. More than 110,000 K-12 students and 8,000 teachers annually participate in the Institute's 61 award-winning, immersion style programs. 


Congratulations to all who gutted it out after the wind died!  Will summer ever come to Southern California???

1 Far Niente 37 -6 02:53:51 14:48:51 14:56:57 Frederic Scheer CYC Farr 40
2 Radical Departure 50060 -6 02:59:27 14:54:27 15:02:33 Dennis/Carter Rosene BYC Farr 40
3 Wooly Bully 40033 -6 03:15:40 15:10:40 15:18:46 Breen / Zambriskie KHYC Farr 40
4 White Knight 888 -6 03:27:00 15:22:00 15:30:06 Zoltan Katinsky CBYC Farr 40
5 Temptress 40050 -6 06:38:33 18:33:33 18:41:39 Ray Godwin LBYC Farr 40
DNF 8 Pirahna 51483 -6 David Voss CYC Farr 40
DNS 8 Skian Dhu 51044 -6 Dirk Freeland SBYC Farr 40

Mighty Farr 40s set to flex muscle in Ullman LBRW  (Note: This is a regatta press release)  

LONG BEACH, Calif.   June 18, 2010

An armada of inshore ocean racers from as far north as San Francisco and as far south as Acapulco, Mexico is lined up for Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week next Friday through Sunday.

The West Coast's largest keelboat regatta, co-produced by the Long Beach and Alamitos Bay Yacht Clubs, is open to boats with Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings of 222 or less. One-design classes with six or more entries will qualify for their own starts.

Ullman Sails is the title sponsor of Long Beach Race Week. Other sponsors and supporters are DISC Sports and Spine Center, Ayres Hotel Seal Beach, Gladstone's Restaurant, the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Bureau, Long Beach the Aquatic Capital of America, Mount Gay Rum and Macson Printing and Lithography.

There were 137 entries in 16 classes at this posting. A dozen Farr 40s swaggered among the one-design classes that also included J/105s, J/120s, J/29s and J/80s; Beneteau 36.7s, Flying Tiger 10s, Open 5.70s, Schock 35s and Viper 640s. Farr 30s, J/109s and J/24s also were close to making class.

PHRF boats will have a choice of buoy or random leg distance racing, but the Farr 40s' battle could be classic. Since it was introduced in 1998 the boat has become one of the world's most popular one-designs with regional associations on several continents and growing, especially here.

West Coast Fleet Captain David Voss, whose Piranha won the class and One-Design Boat of the Week honors at Ullman Sails LBRW last year, said, "We have other people looking at boats right now."

What draws dedicated racers to the Farr 40, Voss said, are the tight class measurement rules that keep all boats, old or new, equally competitive. There's an annual limit on the purchase of new sails, and most regional fleets adhere to a "Corinthian Class" rule of no more than two paid professional sailors on board. 

Voss said, "Even in a more open world championship regatta, you can choose to race with those same limits. We declared that in 2006 at Newport, R.I. and won the Corinthian Class trophy."

Also, a new Farr 40 can cost up to $700,000, but one 10 or 12 years old can be had for as little as $150,000 and be just as fast. 

"We've tried to make sure that nobody has a competitive advantage," Voss said. "The ones that are sailed best are still going to win."

One will be sailed by one of the two prominent competitors who bring an international profile from Mexico. Bernardo Minkow of Acapulco will be among the Farr 40s, while Lorenzo Berho of Mexico City will race PHRF. Three months ago Minkow sailed his Farr 40, Flojito y Cooperando (translation: "Fair and Easy"), to overall first place among a mixed fleet of 31 boats in the Mexican Ocean Racing Conference (MEXORC) regatta on Banderas Bay. He has chartered Woolly Bully, a past LBRW competitor, for this event. 

Berho, who raced a J/145, Raincloud, last year, now has Peligroso, the dark blue Kernan 70 formerly owned by the late Mike Campbell, a Long Beach YC member who in recent years raced the boat to several PHRF victories around Southern California, including races to Mexico. It already had a Spanish name: Peligroso means "Dangerous."  Upon Campbell's death in 2008, Berho acquired Peligroso with a special purpose. "We bought the boat to support Mexico's young sailors," he said.  In April's traditional Newport to Ensenada race, Peligroso was the first monohull to finish, and with a unique crew. "We had mostly a crew of sailors in their early 20s," Berho said, "young people with ambitions to sail in major events---even in the Olympics." It's an ongoing campaign inspired by the late Roy Disney's Morning Light film documentary project to select and train a crew of young sailors in their teens and early twenties to sail the 2007 Transpacific Yacht Race.

The regatta is the third and last stop on the Southern California Ullman Sails Inshore Championship Series, following the Ahmanson Cup at Newport Beach and Cal Race Week at Marina del Rey. Regatta sponsor DISC will present a print of the original artwork created by Scott Kennedy representing last year's Ullman Inshore winners.

This year's leaders are Dale Williams' Kernan 44, Wasabi, and Tres Gordos Sailing's Andrews 49.9, It's OK, currently sharing first place in the Fast 50+ group; Chris Hemans' Tripp 41, Entropy, in Fast 40, and John Staff's Viper 830, Plankton, and Thomas Brott's J/109, Electra, tied for the lead in Sport/Sprit Boat. 

All participants will enjoy free mooring or docking, courtesy of the City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine; nightly parties with complimentary hors d'ouevres and free water taxi transportation between the sponsoring clubs. 

Online entry and more information   Ullman Sails Inshore Championship    Past Race Week results 

MEDIA CONTACT - Rich Roberts 310.835.2526 cell 310.766.6547      

Raising the level of play D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center is the proud sponsor of the KATTACK Performance Racing application for all One Design Classes competing in Long Beach Race Week. Look for KATTACK and enjoy the thrill of the race after the race. 


Cal Race Week Trophies


Photoshopped imageNumber eleven comes to SoCal.  Wow!  Even in the midst of the recession, the West Coast Farr 40's are just getting stronger all the time!

Latest to join the West Coast Farr 40 Fleet will be Chayah owned by Oscar Krinsky.  Oscar’s most recent boat was the highly successful 1D48 of the same name.  The boat is the former Warpath, hull #106, and is expected to be launched next Wednesday in San Diego and be based out of Long Beach.  Oscar plans to race the entire Fleet Championship circuit as well as the Border Run.

Chayah is the 11th active boat in Southern California - with two more boats in SF, one in Vancouver and another two in Puerto Vallarta for a total of sixteen boats racing on the West Coast. 

On a separate note, we are focused on dock side social activities for 2010 so plan to continue to enjoy the camaraderie of the fleet and the company of the new crews next year!  You can also expect to see one or two new clinic opportunities and some post-race debriefs.

There are more potential owners looking at boats (one came down from SF to look at Warpath last weekend before Oscar bought it), so I don’t think this will be the last announcement we make for 2010!  Pass the word, our fleet is the place to be for racing in SoCal in 2010!